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Isolated game




Finish after 100 games. Tax of participation 1

The winners will receive:

1. $ 40

2. $ 20

3. $ 10

A word

Tax of participation 0.2

Five words

Tax of participation 1

Condition of involvement

 The goal of the game is to discover the hidden words.

You can choose to play an isolated game or to participate in our competition. 

If you choose the isolated game, you can double your bets, in the case when your result will be at present lower of the means (that is indicated in the statistical - shown on the right of the screen). The payment is automatic and instantaneous. The isolated games are two types: Bikone - tax 0.20 $(a word) and Biksuper - tax 1.00 $(five words).

The competition finishes after 100 games. Five parts compose every game. The bonuses are:

                        1. $40

                        2. $20

            3. $10

The taxes involvement for a game is 1 $.  

Your result will be so good if you find the 5 words with less the tests. Like that your luck to win to increase!

When you introduce your proposition (tests), you will receive an indication of coincidence. After some tests you will be capable to discover the hidden word.

For example: The hidden word is lowered  and if your proposition is froward the indication will be: 13

           1 - means that you have 1 letter that are on exact place.

           3 - 3 letters that participate in the word, but they are not on their good place.

The total result will be the sum of the results for the 5 hidden words.

The game includes a vocabulary of the 1200 words. Every word with which is already played be remove, to avoid the repetition. Like that you can play several times.

If your result is lower of the means to the moment, you will receive $ 2.00, automatically in your personal e-gold counts. If you don't have an account, here for join e-gold account


By her you can see your space game.


The registration in the game is necessary to give the possibility to finish the game in a next Internet session while entering in your personal space game (protected by the password) to finish the game.

            The number of the your account e-gold will be necessary to pay for your bonus if won you, and of the same the payment for your refferals (affiliated member).

E-mail addresses will serve us to send you a message that the bonus paid.

Your personal data are confidential and won't be used that of their destination, and won't transmit them to us in the same way to the other people.


Isolated game


Games in total: 4

Score average: 5.25


Games in total: 4

Score average: 22



Games in total: 4

The best score

1. sofie
2. simi
3. kred













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